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Chakra Balancing and Alignment

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The Way of Chakra Healing Newsletter is a full program of chakra balancing and alignment for body, mind and spiritual healing.

The Complete Chakra Balancing

and Alignment Program


This can be printed to become a full Referance Library for Understanding the Health and Well Being of the Body and Subtle Body.


This program of chakra balancing and alignment shares unique ways in which you can learn energy healing techniques to align the flow of energy through the 7 chakras. This process of chakra balancing leads to 7 Ways to a Wonderful Life. This is a life filled with passion, purpose, peace, presence and prosperity. The Way of Chakra Balance and Alignment program invites you into real happiness which is a process of becoming more and more alive.

Chakra Balancing and Alignment Outline

chakra balancing

The Way of Chakra Healing is an invitation to the union within you of the personal and the Universal. This is an invitation to a full self healing experience using energy healing techniques that lead to chakra balancing and integration. The Way of Chakra Healing makes you the star you are here to become and to shine into the world. A star is a union of two triangles. On triangle is standing upright the other inverted. When these two triangles come together they form a star. This is the real star you are invited to become when you follow the Way of Chakra Healing.

The First Triangle of Chakras

The first three chakra’s are concerned with the integration of the personality. These chakras are:-

The Root Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Second Triangle of Chakras

The second triad of chakra’s  are related to the revelation of the Universal within you. This triad of chakra’s which will be referred to as the upper triad are:-

The Throat Chakra.

The Brow Chakra.

The Crown Chakra.

Connecting the the upper triad and the lower triad of chakras is

The Heart Chakra.

The process of chakra balancing is that process of alignment which allows you to connect the personal and Universal through the heart chakra.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing and Alignment

The process of chakra balancing is a subtle process. The Way of Chakra Healing Newsletter invites you into a deeper form of energy healing awareness which begins with an awareness of what is called the inner body. The following benefits come from the practice of chakra balance and chakra alignment

    • You learn to master energy healing techniques through chakra meditation.

    •               Discover the vital importance of root chakra balancing.
    • Have more meaningful relationship to yourself and others.

    • Align your life with your heart’s true purpose (4th chakra healing).

    • You develop your intuition and listen to the still small voice within.

    • Align your life with the will of Creation rather than the will of the ego.

    • Flow with the river of your life’s energy rather than pushing the river.

    • Understand the stages of personal development and beyond (7 chakra process).

    • Open up the fullness of your creative potential.

    • Deepen your sense of self confidence in alignment with the Self.

    • Integrate those unloved aspects of yourself and become more loving.

    • Discover what it means to have real personal empowerment (3rd chakra healing).

    • You find the experience of inner peace beyond the absence of conflict ( heart chakra healing).

    • Increase your sense of vitality through chakra meditation (Chakra Practices).

    • Become more successful in business or in areas of your working life.

The  Way of Chakra Healing Newsletter will also allow you to overcome many of the issues and problems that are part of living in a body withinin this time and space dimension. You will learn about overcoming modern day issues such as

  • How to lose weight naturally.

  • Overcoming a crisis of faith or meaning and purpose to your life (5th chakra healing).

  • Problems related to managing your finances ( 1st chakra healing).

  • Overcoming your past and healing the inner child within (2nd chakra healing).

  • Learning to forgive so that you can move on into the present and into presence.

  • Turning sexual frustration into sexual healing and deeper intimacy (2nd chakra healing).

  • Find true personal power other than the will power.

  • Learn to thrive other than survive ( root chakra healing).

  • How to overcome Time Poverty.

  • Discover how to turn the lead of self doubt into the gold of self acceptance.

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8 Responses to Chakra Balancing and Alignment

  • Rick says:

    Hello friend
    please sign me up to receive your free e-mail newsletter that i may learn how to heal my chakras and heal.

    • Tony Cuckson says:

      Dear Rick,

      Please go to the top page of the home page


      Subscribe to the newsletter at the top left hand corner by completing the name and email address. You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription. Once you have done that then you will begin to receive the newsletter. I wish you well being, health and happiness. Tony

  • Lisa Barychko says:

    I’m looking forward to healing myself. Going through very difficult times right now and I’m in need of help and guidance. Hopefully this will help.. Thank you. :0)

  • Aeracura says:

    Wonderful information, this is truly invaluable to humanity and for our need to heal :)

    • Tony Cuckson says:

      Dear Danica, Thank you for taking time to comment. Much appreciated. Love the invitation from your blog heal yourself heal the world. Keep sharing your healing energy and we can make the world the place it is intended by creation to become.

  • sheila says:

    Thanks so much for all your generosity, love and light…

  • Reshma says:

    Thanks for such great information! Feeling of gratitude for your guidance from all beautiful souls to heal thyself.Yes we can heal both ourselves and other.My life motto is same,guide me through the journey.

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